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Benefits & Tariffs

Travel Health Insurance

Insured benefits of the Travel Health Insurance PremiumCarefreePremium
Sum of all health insurance benefits during the entire insurance period unlimited250.000,-unlimited
Outpatient medical treatment100%100%
Medication, bandages and dressings100% 5,-EUR SB je Medikament100%
Radiation/light/other physical treatments,1.500,- EUR100%
Massages, physiotherapy
Aids2.500,- EUR100%
X-ray diagnosticsnot insured100%
Surgeries that cannot be postponednot insured100%
In-patient treatment that cannot be postponed100% 10,- EUR SB je Tag maximal 28 Tage100%
Delivery of premature infants up to 36 weeks of pregnancy100%100%
Pre-natal examinations400,- EUR100%
Pregnancy treatments and deliverynot insured100%
Medically necessary dental treatment incl. simple dental fillings, maximum for the entire insurance period500,- EUR100%
Dental check-up, including teeth cleaning, maximum for the entire insurance period75,– EUR75,– EUR
Dental prosthesis costs maximum for the entire insurance period75,– EUR70%
max 2.500,– EUR
Medical transport for hospital treatment100%100%
Medically reasonable return transport of the patient100%100%
Transference/burial costs10.000,- EUR100%
Preventive medical check-ups500,– EUR500,– EUR
Psychotherapeutic treatmentnot insured100%
Treatment costs during visit in home countryup to 4 weeks
max 15.000,– EUR
up to 6 weeks
max 30.000,– EUR
Expense allowance in case of hospitalization for more than 3 days50,– EUR50,– EUR
Hospital visit in case of hospital stay of more than 14 days2.000,– EUR2.000,– EUR
Telephone costs for contacting the emergency call center100%100%
Subsequent liability abroad up to 3 monthsnot insured100%

LIABILITY. Travel liability insurance

LIABILITY. Travel liability insurance
Insured benefits
Examination of the liability question and compensation of justified claims
Provision of security for pensions owed
Costs of a legal dispute
Insured events
Sum of all liability benefits during the entire insurance period
Liability risks of daily life1,0 Mio. EUR1,0 Mio. EUR
Liability claims due to damage to rented property per insured event10.000,‑ EUR25.000,‑ EUR
damage in the household of the host family10.000,‑ EUR25.000,‑ EUR
deportation costs7.500,‑ EUR7.500,‑ EUR
loss of keys250,‑ EUR250,‑ EUR
Property damage10.000,‑ EUR10.000,‑ EUR
Professional liability25.000,‑ EUR25.000,‑ EUR
Bad debt insurance10.000,‑ EUR10.000,‑ EUR
In the cases of item 2.2 and item 2.4 a deductible of 20 %, at least 50, EUR, will be deducted from the determined amount of loss. In the cases of clause 2.3, clause 2.7 and clause 2.8 a deductible of 10 %, at least 200, - EUR, will be deducted from the determined amount of damage.

UV. Travel accident insurance

UV. Travel accident insurance
Premium sums insuredBasicPremium
In case of disability30.000,‑ EUR30.000,‑ EUR
In case of deathnot insured15.000,– EUR
For rescue costs10.000,‑ EUR10.000,‑ EUR
For costs of cosmetic operations5.000,‑ EUR5.000,‑ EUR
Insured events
Damage to health caused by an accident event
Strains and torn ligaments
Drowning or suffocation